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Our Focus Areas

for building a globally competent workforce

Businesses today are looking for employees who have a broad understanding of the diverse, interconnected world beyond their immediate environment and who are able to communicate effectively with people of varying nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The Maine North Atlantic Institute fosters workforce development initiatives that build the global competence of our future workforce through Environmental & Community Health, Cultural Connections, and Economy & Law. 


Environmental & 

Community Health

We work closely with our partners in Maine and the North Atlantic to strengthen students' understanding of climate change and its broad global effects, its impacts on the community and human health, and its influence on our global, national, and state economy.

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Cultural Connections

Employers are looking for creative thinkers who can communicate effectively with people of varying nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The MNAI sponsors initiatives that infuse the liberal arts into business innovation and development, encourage cross-cultural exchange in the visual/performing arts and humanities, open students to our diverse interconnected world, and connect artists with North Atlantic Maritime Provinces and countries.

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Economy & Law

The MNAI supports collaborations that connect businesses with educational services, public policy, and oceans and coastal law. Because businesses today are seeking employees who can approach business problems with ingenuity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset, we sponsor workforce development initiatives that build the 21st-century skills of our future workforce.  


Seaweed Farming Renaissance in Maine & Iceland: Bio-economy Workforce Development
Ike Levine



University of Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

University of Akureyri

Akureyri, Norway

Iceland Ocean Cluster House

Reykjavik, Iceland

University of Tromso

Tromso, Norway

Robert Gordon University

Aberdeen, Scotland

Reykjavik University

School of Business


Dept. of Psychology

Hallur Sigurdsarson 

Pall Rickardsson 

Hrefna Briem

Maine Brewers

Allagash Brewing Company

Rising Tide Brewing

Bissell Brothers

Portland Maine waterfront businesses

Portland, Maine